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I used to struggle with feelings of self-worth. For a long time, I felt like there was something WRONG with me.

-Why did I bounce between anxiety and depression?

-Why did I struggle to keep up with the 9-5?

-Why couldn’t I give my body any appreciation?  

Sure, these are modern problems that many people experience.

…but it seemed like these challenges affected me at a deeper level than most.

While everyone carried on with “the struggle,” I couldn’t get myself out of bed to meet the day. I woke up crying for days on end. I lived in constant fear and dread.

I wanted to break free from the cycle.

With some luck and divine guidance, I found my way to a YouTube video. It offered a simple, 5-movement yoga practice.

I started yoga as a gentle way to get myself physically active and healthy. I didn’t expect the deeper changes.

As I continued to practice, I began to relate to my body in a different way… and my newfound appreciation radiated outward.

I began to appreciate things that had bypassed my awareness before- the complexity and beauty of an orange, of a seashell, of the universe, of other people…

I realize we all have our strengths and challenges – that is human.

And as I began to honor myself as a complex and unique being (the gift of becoming “the observer”), I began to re-create my lifestyle to fit my needs.

I learned to truly value my gifts and gave myself permission to step outside of “normal.”

Later, I learned about high sensitivity. And my questions had answers. I found a community that truly understands my gifts and deep feelings.

Now I’m on a mission to guide other highly sensitive people of the path of healing and inner growth. I love you because I started loving myself.

My journey has been far from perfect, but it is vastly more beautiful with the grace of self-compassion.

Let’s talk. I want to get to know you and learn about your experiences.

I’m offering free Zoom chats (a.k.a. permission to rant). I want to support you. And the journey could save your health.


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