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Yogic Coaching for Sensitive People

You probably find it easy to give time and attention to everyone in your life- your kids, your spouse, your friends, your coworkers..

After all, you're sensitive.

We are natural helpers and empaths.

But do you struggle to help YOURSELF?

Do you feel yourself depleted at the end of each day?

Are you constantly reacting to sensory overload?

Do you become irritable and moody with those who you care for most?

Don't worry. There is a simple solution to these challenges.

You need to train your nervous system. (This is not hard.)

You need to pour love into your body. (This can be a bit tougher.)

You need an action plan. (This is the toughest part when you're already pressed for time.)

I'm here to help with all of that.

You're sick of feeling stressed.

You're sick of trying to hold it all together, when it seems to be bursting at the seams.

You want to acknowledge all of wonderful aspects of your Self.

You want some help.

Help to get you feeling good in your body.

Help to give yourself some pampering.

Help to get you to the healthiest version of yourself.

Yoga offers complete life transformation.

And it is a perfect fit for highly sensitive people.

Yoga not only provides a gentle way to get more physically healthy, it makes us internally strong and resilient.

It teaches us new appreciation for things that typically bypassed our awareness-  things like the complexity of a breath, of a dance move, of a hug between loved ones. 

The internal experience is as vast as it is beautiful.

Yoga offers tools to relax, ground, and change the experience of emotion, pain, and thought.

I’m on a mission to guide highly sensitive people of the path of inner exploration.

Join me for a journey toward more health, more radiance, more self-compassion.


"Geared for HSPs, Journé weaves practical tools, both conceptual and ones done through practice, that empower you as a sensitive person navigating life—all from a yogic perspective. Journé is a natural teacher, is so thoughtful, empathetic, truly creates an open and safe space, and is committed to your growth. Her experience and credentials yield a course with invaluable resources that have the ability to change your life."

Luke A.

Hi! I'm Journé Domek, OTR/L, RYT.

My mission is to apply my knowledge as a healthcare professional, yoga instructor, and anthropologist to support highly sensitive people achieve their fullest wellness.  I have had the honor of serving individuals with sensory differences for years. I have 10+ years in my yoga and mindfulness journey and am a certified yoga instructor. I have a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy and weave my knowledge of sensory processing into my unique yogic coaching. I also have continued training in delivering trauma-informed approaches to yoga and mindfulness.