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A Place for HSP Empowerment

Growing Space is dedicated to providing people with sensory processing sensitivities, a.k.a. highly sensitive people or HSPs, with structure, support, and space for deep inner exploration and healing.

The Empowered HSP yogic coaching program offers tools and strategies to reduce overwhelm caused by sensory and emotional triggers through somatic connection. The goal is to transform distress into personal empowerment and celebration of our unique gifts and strengths.


"Geared for HSPs, Journé weaves practical tools, both conceptual and ones done through practice, that empower you as a sensitive person navigating life—all from a yogic perspective. Journé is a natural teacher, is so thoughtful, empathetic, truly creates an open and safe space, and is committed to your growth. Her experience and credentials yield a course with invaluable resources that have the ability to change your life."

Luke A.

Hi! I'm Journé Domek, OTR/L, RYT.

My mission is to apply my knowledge as a healthcare professional, yoga instructor, and anthropologist to support highly sensitive people achieve their fullest wellness.  I have had the honor of serving individuals with sensory differences for years. I have 10+ years in my yoga and mindfulness journey and am a certified yoga instructor. I have a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy and weave my knowledge of sensory processing into my unique yogic coaching. I also have continued training in delivering trauma-informed approaches to yoga and mindfulness. 

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